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Ara Babloyan: Leaders of the Protests Should Understand that They Take on Them All Further Developments

Speaker of the Parliament of Armenia Ara Babloyan issued a statement over the current situation in the country. As Armenpress reports, in the statement he said that in some cases violations, violations of rights of others have been recorded towards which the leadership always showed a balanced approach, sometimes going to concessions.

"The President of the Republic personally visited the most heated place of complaints and personally urged MP Nikol Pashinyan to come to a political dialogue. This was followed by the meeting of Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan and MP Nikol Pashinyan. Unfortunately, after this meeting it was obvious that Nikol Pashinyan is not inclined to political discussions, compromise aimed at solving this issue which should enable to prevent the possible heavy consequences, to calm down the situation and start a constructive work. In such circumstances by refusing from the political dialogue and choosing the strategy of everything or nothing, the organizers and leaders of the protests should understand that they take on them all further developments, including, the heaviest one, and will bear an adequate responsibility," Babloyan said.

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