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"Youth Public Research Center” Social Organization Starts Operating in Artsakh

Newly opened "Youth Public Research Center" social organization started operating in Artsakh on Monday, Artsakhpress reports.

Head of the "Youth Public Research Center" social organization, Hovik Avanesov told about the aforementioned during the meeting with youth and reporters at Stepanakert Mesrop Mashtots University held on Monday.

''Our aim is to contribute to the national ideology, involve the youth of Artsakh, Armenia and Diaspora to carry out a range of cultural, scientific and sport projects. In cooperation with the organizations of Artsakh, Armenia and Diaspora, we will start the implementation of the projects from bordering communities,'' Hovik Avanesov said, adding that the organization has some 21 members.

He also informed that specialists in various spheres from both Armenia and Artsakh are included in the organization. They mainly deal with regional issues, investigate international situations and make various analyses.

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