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Nikol Pashinyan Sent a Congratulatory Letter to Charles Aznavour

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan sent a congratulatory letter to world-renowned French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour on the 94th birthday, the PM’s Office said.

The letter runs as follows:

''Dear Charles Aznavour,

On behalf of our people and personally myself I warmly congratulate you on your birthday anniversary.

Your life and activity are unique example of human talent, will, hard work and victory which inspired and inspire millions of people across the world. At this period of ongoing turning changes in Armenia’s life, the story of your life and activity are more than exemplary since it proves that the human will and consistency do not recognize barriers, and every goal is achievable if you have a dream, confidence, patience and belief.

Dear Charles Aznavour,

Thanks to such qualities, our people restored their power in April-May 2018. And we are looking forward to meet you in Armenia. We are looking forward to you to see and be convinced by your own eyes that the citizen of Armenia, the Armenian people have won and created the victory of their own talent, will, hard work and dream.

I wish you good health and endless energy. Your unforgettable services to the homeland have warmed and continue warming all of us''.

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