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European Parliament Votes in Favor of Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement

The European Parliament has voted in favor of the consent of Armenia-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEDPA) and the resolution relating to the Armenia-EU relations, MP Armen Ashotyan said on Facebook, reports Armenpress.

He informed that 573 MPs voted in favor of the CEPA’s consent, 50 voted against and 45 abstained. "598 MPs voted in favor of the resolution relating to the Armenia-EU relations, 52 voted against and 27 abstained", Ashotyan said.

The lawmaker said that during the July 3 session the European Parliament discussed giving consent to the CEPA.

"The agreement was assessed as a success story and a historic opportunity, it was stated that it became possible and was signed under the previous government, Mogherini stated that it has no geopolitical nature and is not a confrontation.

The session also touched upon Armenia’s domestic political life, the recent developments, specific attention was paid to the peaceful and constitutional nature of the power change, importance was attached to ensuring the inclusive mechanism of reforms of the Electoral Code, the engagement of opposition in the process of reforms and the implementation of the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations. The European Parliament also expressed readiness to send observer mission in possible elections", Ashotyan said.

The issue of visa liberalization was also discussed. Federica Mogherini linked the solution of this issue with the full implementation of Visa facilitation and readmission agreement, expressed satisfaction over the process and stated that the respective decision to launch dialogue on visa liberalization must be made by the European Council.

The peaceful and quick settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict was highlighted.


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