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Nicolas Aznavour: We Will Create 'Live Center' with Scene Opening to Mount Ararat

The legendary chansonnier Charles Aznavour’s son Nicolas Aznavour in an interview with  RUSARMINFO told about the activities of Aznavour Foundation and unveiled the unique plan, according to which the Foundation palns to launch a live center in Yerevan with a picturesque scene looking to Mount Ararat.

According to Nicolas Aznavour, the foundation will continue all the charity projects initiated by the great crooner after the 1988 earthquake in Armenia.

But the main project will be aimed at opening the Aznavour Center at the top of the Cascade Complex. 

As Nicolas said, he and Charles Aznavour spent two years working on that.

''He (Charles Aznavour) personally was against the idea of a museum and wanted instead to create a live space where everybody would be engaged in some kind of activity,'' Nicolas said.

He added that they also intend to build museum dedicated to Aznavour’s life and cultural heritage. 

It is also planned to launch the first ever French institution in the region with a special media archive, exhibition hall, cinema hall and rest zone.



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