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Shavarsh Kocharyan Commented on the Situation in Karaganda

Acting Deputy FM of Armenia Shavarsh Kocharyan commented the situation in Karaganda after the murder of a 23-year-old Kazakh in this city. Official webpage of the MFA of Armenia informs about this.

“Everyone who had a chance to follow the situation, knows that on January 3, the Armenian Embassy in Kazakhstan made a corresponding statement. We realize that, in all likelihood, not everyone noticed this during the festive days. Naturally, the statement expresses the public side of the work we have done,” Kocharyan stated.

In a statement, the embassy expressed hope that official sources will be taken as a basis, and the unverified information will not be dismantled via the social network.

“Nevertheless, in Armenia there are certain statements that are made without taking into account both the official position of our country, which, in particular, is expressed in the statement of the embassy, ​​and the hyper-sensitive nature of the issue for our compatriots living in Karaganda,” Kocharyan added.

The Armenian Foreign Ministry is urging experts and specialists to show even greater responsibility in their statements and “not to succumb to the temptation of populism and provocations”.

“This is a super-sensitive issue, and all attempts to give it an international tint are condemned and unacceptable,” Kocharian mentioned.


Three local Armenians are suspects in the murder.


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