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Kim Jong Un Missing from Supreme People's Assembly List

РИА Новости, ТАСС/POOL/Валерий Шарифулин

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears to have not made it onto a list of deputies newly elected to the communist state's rubber-stamp parliament, while his sister did, raising speculation about the reason behind the decision, Yonhap reports.

Kim's name was not mentioned when the Korean Central Broadcasting Station, a state radio network, called out the names one by one of all 687 deputies elected to the 14th Supreme People's Assembly in Sunday's nationwide polls.

Kim's exclusion from the list means he didn't run. Elections in North Korea are a formality, with all candidates getting elected with 100 percent of the vote. State media did not mention Kim's candidate registration before or after the elections.

It was unclear why Kim decided not to run and what the decision means for the country. Some experts said the decision could be part of Kim's efforts to project himself as a leader of a normal state where the executive and legislative branches are separate.


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