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Kurdish People Are Not Afraid of Bans: Knyaz Hasanov (EXCLUSIVE)

Kurds all over the world are celebrating the New Year or Nowruz. Traditionally this celebration has marked their struggles for their freedom and independence.

”Armedia” IAA talked to Knyaz Hasanov, chairperson of the Kurdish National Council NGO in Armenia, My Step faction MP of RA NA 7th convention.

- Mr Hasanov, Please tell us about Nowruz.

- Nowruz is one of the oldest celebrations of Kurdish people, it traces back to the pagan period. They light fire in all Kurdish cities and villages and sing and dance around it.

When Kurdish national liberation movement kicked off headed by Abdullah Öcalan, the celebration came to stand for Kurdish people’s national liberation fight.

Kurds all over the world are celebrating it today. In Turkey 25 mln Kurds celebrate it. They take on revolutionary spirit that day, light a fire and rally. Last year the city of Diyarbakır saw 1200 000 people come together to celebrate the national holiday. In response the Turkish authorities do not allow Nowruz celebrations in Turkey. However Kurdish people are not afraid of bans and do not miss their national holiday.

Today RA prime minister Pashinyan sent a congratulatory message to the Kurdish community. On behalf of the Kurdish community and the Kurdish people I thank the prime minister of our country for highly appreciating the community and for the wishes.  

- Why specifically March 21? What does it stand for?

- Nowruz in the Kurdish language means “a new day”. According to the solar calendar it is the first day of spring. Nature awakens and new life starts. The start of spring symbolizes revival both figuratively and literally given the roots of Nowruz.

Nowruz celebrations kick off on March 21 and continue till early April.

On March 23 we are solemnly celebrating our holiday in Arno Babajanyan concert hall. Community representatives from different Armenian regions will join us to take part in the event.

-What is your wish to the community?

- I will all Kurdish people and the Armenian Kurdish community happiness, health and solidarity. May peace dominate in all families.

As a citizen of Armenia the community and I thank the Armenia people for remembering and congratulating. We wish peace to the RA and the Armenian people. We want peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict and we want to coexist peacefully and happily.

Thanks to the Armenian media and namely “Armedia IAA” for the interview and coverage of the holiday.


Rozi Mikayelyan

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