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If You Want to Spend Eco-New Year, Visit Artsakh

Every year in the evening of December 31 a wonderful atmosphere is felt in Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Every year at this time the citizens of Artsakh lit fire for barbecue (everyone in their private balconies have their own barbecue facilities). At the night of the New Year the smell of barbecue is spread throughout the city, from village to village, making the New Year delicious and attracting... And around the city there is a feeling of New Year miracle - all the lights are lit in the balconies!

In Artsakh, unlike Armenia, the New Year is not so "heavy holiday": there is no mandatory "dolma" and "bud (pig meat)" on New Year's table or mandatory "visiting the relatives" throughout the whole holidays. It all begins and ends on January 1. In the night of December 31 to January 1, guests visit each other, greet each other, drink and meet the New Year. That's all. Then a quiet life without any fuss begins.

And the last point in the New Year's celebrations in Artsakh - by the way, not necessarily – is the New Year "Kurkut" (an Artsakh traditional dish made of wheat and pork which is cooked overnight). Usually it is prepared on January 2 and on the same day is eaten by the family and the guests who suddenly visit. In Artsakh, unlike in super-civilized places in the world, one can still visit others without a prior call. And in general, everything there is not touched by wild civilization – eco-friendly products, clean air and a Christmas tree at house - a natural one, not artificial!

So if one wants to spend an unforgettable time at New Year, it is highly recommended to visit Artsakh! This will be the most eco-New Year in your life!

Happy New Year!

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