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National Security Service Operates Specialized Division for Safeguarding Foreign Investments

The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia has a specialized division whose mission is "to combat corruption occurrences which are obstructing foreign investments", the NSS said, Armenpress reports.

It said the division is functioning as part of the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption which was formed in October 2018 as result of reforms.

The division is studying the overall investment picture and is revealing the sectors having risks of corruption.

"The National Security Service Department of Economic Security and Anti Corruption is willing to provide continuous support to the government’s steps in the direction of development of favorable investment environment, ensuring equal competition conditions  and encouraging investments in the real sector of the economy", the NSS said in a news release.

It urged any individuals or companies carrying out foreign investment programs to contact the NSS at +37415579193 or [email protected] in the event of facing any corruption manifestations in the state system during their operations.

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