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Commemoration of Martyrs Sts. Eugenios, Makarios, Valerios, Canditos and Akyoughas

The quick spreading of Christianity especially on the territory of the Roman Empire since the 3rd century started to worry the kings. Royal charters were issued ordering the Christians to adopt the heathen religion, otherwise they should be persecuted to death. During that period of persecutions any Christians preferred to die than to Betray Jesus Christ, reports. 

The Church always appreciated the torments of the people for the sake of Christ, their courage and strength of their faith. Among such people are the martyrs Eugenios and Makarios, martyred during the reign of the King Julianos the Betrayer. Martyrs Valerios, Canditos and Akyoughas have been martyred during the reign of the Kings Dioclethianus and  Maximianus.

Commemorating the martyrs’ memory, the Church teaches the faithful to remain loyal to Christ even under most severe circumstances.


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