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Jerusalem Museum Presents History of Armenian Ceramics in Jerusalem

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Times of Israel

The Rockefeller Museum of Jerusalem opened an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian ceramics of Jerusalem, The Times of Israel reports.

The artist  David Ohannessian and his British customer changed the face of the capital in the 1920s, and now the works of the Armenian are exhibited in the archaeological museum as well as on the streets of the city.

In 1919, the British military governor of Jerusalem, Ronald Storrs, asked the artist , who had previously worked in the UK, to restore the glazed tiles on the outer walls of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Ohannessian accepted the invitation, and along with the British brought over Armenian artists Neshan Balian and Megerdish Karakashian. All three had experience in glazed ceramic workshops in Turkey.

For several years, the governor and Armenian artists changed the face of Jerusalem. Armenians combined traditional ceramics with everything that is unique to Jerusalem. Armenian Jerusalem ceramics can be seen in dozens of buildings throughout the city since then.

The Rockefeller Museum opened a new amazing exhibition last fall, opening for visitors 100 years of Armenian ceramics. The curators called the exhibition "A Glimpse of Paradise" in honor of the fabulous fresco of the same name created by the late Marie Balian, the world-famous Armenian ceramic artist, reports.

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