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Death to Armenia: Pan-Turkic Fascists in Iran Attemted to Play an Armenophobic Trick

On February 11, Iran celebrated the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Mass celebrations took place in the country, particularly in Tehran.

Iranians are used to chant ''Death to America'' during the marches, however one of the participants of the rally chanted ''Death to Armenia'' (Marg bar Armanestan), Infoteka24 reports.

Obviously the Iranian Turk intended to incite some kind of provocation, however he didn’t dare to demonstrate himself for long before the cameras, because if Iranians heared those words they would  likely show the fascist ''his place''.

It is a well-known fact that Armenians have a warm and respectful attitude in Iran, not only by the people but also by the government of the Islamic Republic.

Armenia has always supported its neighbor Iran in international arenas in difficult situations, and Iran responded with gratitude and assistance, which can’t be said about Azerbaijan and Turkey.

The Azerbaijani separatists, followers of pan-Turkic ideology, are creating problems also for Iran. They are inciting atmosphere of hostility and hate towards the Iranian people and authorities and threatening the country’s security.

''We are sure that such a manifestation of Armenophobia in the Iranian capital should not remain unpunished and the country’s law enforcement agencies will seriously deal with the Azerbaijani provocateur,'' the source writes.


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