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Armenian Ambassador to Iran Urges not to Spread Panic Over Coronavirus Outbreak

 Armenian Ambassador to Iran Artashes Tumanyan urged not to spread panic over the novel coronavirus outbreak in the Islamic Republic, Armenpress reports.

"Although the current situation is extremely concerning, but there is a great readiness for cooperation with the Armenian Embassy both in the relations with the state bodies and the citizens. Of course, there are also obstacles. One of them are various news reports spreading within the public about the scales of the spread of the disease, one thing, which I am sure that is linked with disinformation. I think in such cases panic can have the most harmful impact, but it should be completely ruled out. But it’s worth noting that in such circumstances the Armenian authorities firstly rely on the official information made by Iran and at the same time also cooperate with the respective international structures", the Ambassador told Aliq daily.

The Ambassador also commented on ongoing actions taken between Armenia and Iran to prevent coronavirus.

"Armenia is concerned with the current situation in friendly Iran and we all wish to see the overcoming of this disease, and see the Iranian people healthy and happy. Armenia has restricted air and land communication with Iran for two weeks to prevent the spread of coronavirus and coordinate the cooperation with friendly Iran on this path. According to the decision of the government, the Armenian citizens who are currently in Iran, and vice versa, can return to their home countries without any problem. Soon a flight will be carried out to transport the Armenian citizens from Iran to Armenia, but as for the land border, the return of Armenian citizens to Armenia continues, and vice versa", the Ambassador said.

The diplomat added that the cargo transportations from Iran to Armenia are carried out under the respective sanitary control. The communication restrictions do not concern the Armenian and Iranian official delegations, diplomats and their family members.

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