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President of Artsakh Convened a Working Consultation

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On 5 March Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan convened a working consultation to discuss issues related to the process of activities aimed at preventing the spread of acute respiratory infections and new coronavirus in the republic.
The heads of appropriate spheres participating in the consultation delivered corresponding reports on the carried out activities. The situation regarding the measures taken against the coronavirus was analyzed.
The members of the Interdepartmental Commission, established in the republic pursuant to the Government resolution, including the public administration bodies, being in constant contact with the relevant structures of the Republic of Armenia, carry out a joint policy in this matter.
The President underscored the necessity of controlling the epidemic situation in the republic and taking all preventive measures.
The public should be constantly informed by state authorities about all the specific cases associated with the acute respiratory infections, including the new coronavirus, and this information should always be accessible to citizens.
The Head of the State gave appropriate assignments towards carrying out the activities in an organized and coordinated manner, highlighting in this context the need of close cooperation between all the state structures.
Artsakh Republic minister of state Grigory Martirosyan, Security Council Secretary Arshavir Gharamyan, and other officials participated in the consultation.

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