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TASS: Tehran Calls US Sanctions Amid Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Medical Terrorism’

Imtiyaz Khan/Anadolu

In his op-ed for Kommersant newspaper, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called sanctions, imposed on Iran by the US amid the coronavirus pandemic, a "medical terrorism," TASS reports.

According to the Minister, Iran has strong healthcare system, but, thanks to the US’ illegal blocking of Iran’s sources of income, Tehran’s access to medicine and medical equipment becomes impossible.

"This leads to a humanitarian catastrophe. Although Iran is a country that has rich fossil reserves, including oil and gas, it does not have, thanks to the US-imposed sanctions, funding sources, necessary to provide aid to the people who suffered from the coronavirus," Zarif wrote.

"Anti-Iranian sanctions also prohibit procurement of drugs and medical equipment by the Iranian government. Restrictions in banking and financial sectors, imposed against Iran, harm humanitarian import. Due to American threats, European medical equipment makers do not trade with Iran and do not sell us medical goods."

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