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Israel Supreme Court Allows Netanyahu to Form Government

Times of Israel

Israel's Supreme Court allowed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form government while still under indictment on Wednesday. He currently faces charges for corruption, fraud and breach of trust, DW reports. 

The Supreme Court said it "was not seeking to diminish the severity of the charges," adding that the trial could be held without hampering the formation of the new government. 

The court also approved Netanyahu and Benny Gantz's alliance, paving way for the new coalition government to be sworn in on May 13. A group of petitioners had challenged the deal, saying it violated the law. Netanyahu belongs to the right-wing Likud party. His rival-turned-ally Gantz leads the centrist Blue and White alliance. 

A panel of 11 judges rejected all charges, saying: "We did not find any legal reason to prevent Netanyahu from forming a government." The court said he had the right to presumption of innocence. 


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