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Pashinyan Warns of More Deaths Amid the Pandemic

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan insists that Armenia faces a major problem with the ongoing situation of Covid-19 as the public does not take seriously all the risks associated with the reports.

“If we are unable to break the pace of growth of new cases we will have 10 thousand cases on May 29 and 20 thousand - on June 12 which will mean more deaths as the intensive care units will no longer be able to serve the patients. If the ongoing dynamics continues, we will face a major problem, and tens and even hundreds of deaths will be registered daily. The personal responsibility and behavior of each of us is thus important to prevent the worst scenario,” Pashinyan said during a facebook live.

The PM added he had seen people in the streets standing in groups, talking without keeping the recommended social distance.

“I urge you all to follow the rules by the Commandant’s office,” the Premier said, adding those failing to follow the rules would face serious fines as the matter may grow into an issue of national security.

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