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Armenia to Initiate Preventive Measures Immediately in Case Azerbaijani Drills Contain any Threat: Deputy DM


Such scale of military drills without initial planning was impossible to conduct, deputy minister of defense Gabriel Balayan told the reporters today, referring to the drills in Azerbaijan, reports.

''There are international commitments, it is when Azerbaijani Republic as OSCE Minsk Group member and a country that has joined corresponding agreements has commitments which it should implement. But we are already used to such working style of the adversary. These drills have not raised any tension on either borders with Armenia or Republic of Artsakh,'' the official said.

Balayan stressed that the Armenian side will undertake preventive measures without any hesitation if they feel that Azerbaijani actions may contain threat for Armenia or Artsakh.

''I think the international community is well aware about it as we have stated about it beforehand. I repeat there is no need to worry, we are familiarized with this working style for already several years and we are ready for it, no changes in the implementation of our military commitments have occurred. Indeed, we have raised our soberness but have not undertaken any emergency measures as such because we are expecting everything from the adversary,'' the deputy minister said.

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