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Maximum Price of 2 Face Masks Will Soon Become 150 Drams in Armenia

The price of face masks produced in Armenia is 100 drams, whereas that of the imported masks is 150 drams in major pharmacy chains, Chairman of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition Gegham Gevoryan said at today’s Cabinet meeting, Armenpress reports.

"The wholesale price has already decreased and become 60 drams. In addition, two local companies have also reduced the price. When we get the new batch of face masks, the maximum price of two masks will become 150 drams, in other words a face mask will be sold within 70-75 drams", he said.

He said the proceedings launched in all large pharmacy chains will soon be completed. "If the abuses of a prevailing position are approved, they will be held accountable. But I to want repeat once again that no face mask, which was imported or produced at 20 AMD, has been sold at 200-220 AMD in Armenia. I rule out such a thing. Yes, in the past the price of face masks was 20-30 AMD, but the import cost was low. The prices of face masks increased due to the global deficit", he said.

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