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President Armen Sarkissian Met with the President of Artsakh Araik Harutyunian

President Armen Sarkissian arrived today to Artsakh on a working visit. In Stepanakert, he met with the President of the Republic of Artsakh Araik Harutyunian.

President Sarkissian congratulated once again and wished success to Araik Harutyunian and expressed confidence that with his experience and knowledge he would successfully continue his service to the Fatherland. “In your person, I would also like to congratulate the people of Artsakh because both presidential and parliamentary elections were held in a democratic manner,” the President said and added, “convey my thanks also to other members of the presidential elections who didn’t win individually but won collectively and showed to the world that Artsakh in not only stout and strong but also a democratic and a free country which holds free elections. They ought to be proud since they had their contribution to the process. I want to wish you and all citizens of Artsakh first of all health. I am confidence that we will overcome this difficult situation too, and will move forward, making both the Republic of Armenia and Republic of Artsakh stronger.”

The President of Artsakh expressed thanks and noted that some of the participants of the presidential elections currently have become part of the political authorities and are ready to work for the advancement and development of the country. And those, who are not involved, also continue to work for Artsakh. Araik Harutyunian expressed gratitude to the authorities of Armenia for supporting programs aimed at Artsakh’s development. “I would like to note that together we will be able not only to overcome this situation but also ensure progress in our country’s development.”

At the meeting, discussed were the ongoing and future projects aimed at the strengthening and development of the Republic of Artsakh.

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