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Armenian-Iranian Political Consultations

On March 17, Armenian-Iranian political consultations were held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.

During the meeting between Armen Ghevondyan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, and Mohsen Baharvand, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran for International and Legal Affairs, the sides discussed strengthening and expanding the bilateral legal framework. The issues related to the advancement of work on draft documents being agreed between the two countries, as well as issues related to the modernization of existing agreements were discussed. The sides also discussed regional issues of bilateral interest, underscored that the presence of terrorists in the region is unacceptable, and emphasized the necessity of their removal.

During the meeting of Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Artak Apitonyan  with his Iranian counterpart, the sides had a comprehensive discussion on the prospects of intensifying the cooperation between the two countries in international organizations. The sides also discussed a wide range of issues regarding human rights, cultural cooperation, joint work in international organizations, and the fight against terrorism. The sides expressed their satisfaction with the efficient cooperation between Armenia and Iran in international organizations, based on Armenia-Iran cultural and civilizational ties. The sides also touched upon a number of issues on the international political agenda. 

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