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As a Result of the Azerbaijani Aggression Around 42,000 People Displaced from their Homes in Artsakh

"742 Artsakh servicemen were killed during the third Karabakh war in 2020, while 45 are reported missing. Among the victims of the Azerbaijani aggression are 80 civilians, 38 are in captivity," Sergey Ghazaryan, the Artsakh Republic Permanent Representative to Armenia stated on Wednesday. Ghazaryan's remarks came at the parliamentary hearing organised by the NA Standing Committee on Human Rights.

In his words, 42,000 people were displaced from their homes in Artsakh, 38,154 out of them deprived from their houses and property. 15.000 of the displaced population reside in Stepanakert, 5,000 - in other settlements of Artsakh. Rent agreement were concluded with around three thousand people, while 1960 people live in hotels. 

"It is planned to build 300 apartments in Stepanakert by the end of the year to accommodate all displaced people," Ghazaryan said, reminding that as a result of the war 192 settlements, including 185 and five towns, came under control of Azerbaijani forces. 

"While some construction projects  have already launched, the housing issue is acute in Artsakh today," Ghazaryan said. He informed that as a result of the war Artsakh infrastructure suffered huge losses, as the country lost 30 hydropower plants out of the total 36. "The telecommunication sector suffered losses as well and the initial damage is amounted for 42 million AMD," Ghazaryan informedPanorama reports.  


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