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Will Putin-Trump Romance End Soon?

Recently some changes has has been noted in the US President Donald Trump’s policy towards Russia. If in the past, Donald Trump felt freer to express his support to the Russian Federation (RF) and its President (for example, when Fox News reporter called Vladimir Putin a murderer, Donald Trump responded that the USA also has many murderers, the vivid expression of which was Iraq war), today Trump tries to be more cautious and tougher in his expressions about Russia.

The change of Donald Trump’s policy towards Russia is noted not only in his public statements, but also in the actions of the US new administration. An example of this can be considered the resignation of Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was an active advocate of warm relations with Russia. Another example is the appointment of Fiona Hill as a White House senior director for Russia and Europe. Fiona Hill is known for her critical statements in address of Vladimir Putin and is a co-author of the book, "Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin", where Putin is presented as KGB officer.

Does such a change in the US administration’s policy towards Russia means that Trump will step back from his attempts to improve relations with Russia and to cooperate with it? Probably no. Instead, such actions of Trump administration towards Russia can be explained by the following:

First, today, Trump’s new administration tries to calm down the intrigues connected with Russia, which are the result of the disseminated news that Russia had its role in the outcome of the US presidential elections.  Another reason for that intrigue is the news about the connections of separate high-level US officials with Russia.

Second, to fully understand the logic of Trump’s policy towards Russia, it is helpful to get acquainted with the logic of deal-making introduced by Trump in his book entitled "The Art of the Deal'. Trump correctly notes in his book that to make a successful deal your partner should not understand that you desperately want to have that deal.

Thus, if we try to summarize, we should state that such a change in Trump’s policy towards Russia most likely is temporary and aims at easing the tensions on the topic and strengthening the US positions in bilateral relations with Russia.

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