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There is some progress in Armenia-Turkey relations: FM Mirzoyan

Despite all the complexity of relations and realities, the Republic of Armenia extended its helping hand and expressed its readiness to provide humanitarian support to both Turkey and Syria, ARMENPRESS reports Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan said during the press conference held after the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

"We, as a nation that suffered a devastating earthquake in our territory in 1988, consider it important that no society should be left alone during natural disasters," the Armenian FM emphasized, expressing his condolences regarding the earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria.

In response to a clarifying question, what kind of support Armenia has offered to Turkey, the minister detailed:

“The Republic of Armenia is ready and is currently discussing the transfer of essential goods in the form of humanitarian aid to the earthquake-affected regions of Turkey and Syria, as well as to dispatch rescue service teams to relevant places to provide assistance on the ground. I want to repeat what I said in my introductory speech. In 1988, in our territory, in the Republic of Armenia, we ourselves saw what disastrous consequences an earthquake can have, and we were not alone at that time. we have received help from the international community. I believe that we should also be ready to extend our helping hand to all the peoples who at that moment need that help as a result of natural disasters."

Minister Mirzoyan also referred to the ongoing dialogue between Armenia and Turkey.

"There is a dialogue, as you know, about the opening of borders and the establishment of diplomatic relations.

I want to reaffirm the readiness of the Republic of Armenia to be sincerely involved in this process and bring it to a logical and positive conclusion as quickly as possible. I want to let you know that there is some progress. In our opinion, the process is a bit slow, but it is still very positive that we have positive records on the ground.

Recently, Turkey and Armenia decided to lift the air cargo ban. This is another positive step, and we hope that this process will continue faster and with more tangible achievements. In any case, on behalf of the Armenian side, I want to reaffirm our position regarding this issue in having a peaceful, cooperative and stable large region."

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