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Baku Again Slapped Russia

In these days in the front line on Armenia-Azerbaijan, NKR-Azerbaijan borders again growth of tension has been recorded, which is accompanied by shootings from various caliber weapons. It is noteworthy that simultaneously public debate started on the reasons of another Azerbaijani "initiavite", and series of factors were circulating (problems in Azerbaijani economy, the problem of keeping power, an attempt to put pressure on the mediators, etc.).

Without excluding that all these and other factors played role in the activation of Azerbaijan in different ways, however, we should state that there is a deeper reason for the speculation of Azerbaijan, and the circulation of various factors is just the result of this. It refers to the international community/organizations inconsistent and subjective response to Baku's actions, because of which the attitude of Azerbaijan gradually becomes more uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Not appropriate reaction of international organizations on repressions of civil society in Azerbaijan, systematic violations of the ceasefire, creates an illusion of impunity and self-importance in Baku. It manifests itself in the Azerbaijani policy towards international structures also, for example the closure of the OSCE Baku Office, the threats to come out from the Council of Europe, as well as the indifference to the criticism of the international institutions related to the violations of human rights.

The importance of Azerbaijan's energy resources for Europe and the success of "caviar diplomacy" result in the violations of the ceasefire along the borders, and, unfortunately, the civilian population suffer from that. The last activation of Azerbaijan is in the framework of this logic.

This is also evident from the fact that the Azerbaijani provocations along the borders of Armenia and Artsakh began when the visit of Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia (co-chairing country in OSCE Minsk Group), to Baku was not even completed. In other words, Baku slapped the institute of co-chairing of Minsk Group and Russia, in particular, to show that no force can stop it. All this becomes more obvious if we consider that the maintenance of the ceasefire regime in the settlement process of Karabakh conflict was a topic of discussion between Aliyev and Lavrov. This is also evident.

Considering all thеse, we can assume that there is only one peaceful way to suppress Azerbaijan's aggressive tactics and to eliminate various incentive factors - the objective and strict reaction (including the tools of pressure) by the international community on illegitimate steps of Azerbaijani authorities, otherwise the Armenian army, for nearly two decades later, again will have to give a solution to this problem, but this time it will be a final solution.

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