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The Only Positive Thing that Turkey Can Bring to Karabakh Conflict Resolution Process Is to Stay Away from It

The other day Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov referring to the Armenian-Turkish relations and as an important factor mentioned the positive role that Turkey can play in Karabakh conflict settlement, as he noted  by "ensuring the unblocking of Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh as well as ensuring  normal economic, logistic, transport, infrastructural  cooperation in the region." Lavrov also noted that a progress in the Karabakh conflict settlement will be crucial for the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations.

Lavrov's statement totally fits in the context of the Russian-Turkish rapprochement, and nothing more. No matter how pro-Turkish Russia’s statements tend to be, it is obvious for Russia, for the other two Minsk Group Co-Chairs and for the international community in general, that Turkey’s possible involvement in the Karabakh conflict settlement in no way and in no case can be positive. The only positive thing that Turkey can bring to the Karabakh conflict settlement process is to stay away from it. The opening of the borders, lifting the blockade of Armenia and Artsakh and the so-called normal cooperation mentioned by Lavrov can in no way be presented as preconditions in the Karabakh conflict negotiation process. The position of Armenian sides on this issue is more than clear.

Such kind of statements by Russia were expected after Turkish-Russian deepening economic and energy cooperation and after the signed agreement on "Turkish Stream" pipeline. It is natural that in the context of warming bilateral relations, the parties need to show that they highlight each other's role in the resolution of regional problems. However Moscow knows very well that Turkey's involvement in the Karabakh conflict settlement process will lead to really unpredictable consequences; the fact that absolutely does not meet Russian current interests.

The Karabakh conflict settlement is in no way related to the Armenian-Turkish relations, the normalization of which is itself a difficult issue.   Turkey's biased, pro-Azerbaijani position in the Karabakh conflict settlement makes it clear that Turkey can never have any positive contribution to the peace process. Moreover, such a situation can lead to the resumption of the war. Moscow, of course, realized this very well.

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