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Again Resorting to Aggressive Actions Aliyev Tried to Solve Several Questions

The recent escalation on NKR-Azerbaijan border once again showed that Baku’s statements on peaceful settlement of Karabakh conflict, to put it mildly, does not correspond to the reality.

The fact the it was the Azerbaijani side, which resorted to offensive actions is obvious also for the OSCE MG Co-Chairs, who, however, this time as well in their joint statement did not come up with addressed calls criticizing the policy of Baku. It has been mentioned for many times that this creates an atmosphere of impunity in Azerbaijan, "contributes" to the destructive policy of Azerbaijan, which to some extant puts under question the effectiveness of the mission of the OSCE MG Co-Chairs.

It is not accidental that the Armenian sides have always attached great importance to the agreements reached during Vienna and St. Petersburg meetings on the establishment of investigative mechanisms on the borders, in which regard Azerbaijan refuses to carry out its commitments.

As for the fact that on February 25 it was really Azerbaijan that resorted to aggressive actions is evidenced both by the videos published by the RA Defense Ministry and by the corpses of the Azerbaijani Army servicemen left in the neutral zone.

Which were Azerbaijan’s reasons this time for escalating the situation on the borders?

First, like during any tension, Azerbaijani authorities once again needed to deviate the attention of the society from the social-economic situation in the country.

Second, the appointment of Mehriban Aliyeva on the second most important post is out of all international norms and aims at keeping the power in the hands of one family. Such an appointment, of course, in several countries, it is not excluded that among the society as well, could cause great dissatisfaction. Thus, it was necessary to make this issue a secondary one and go ahead without serious shocks. And for the sake of keeping the power and strengthening it, Aliyev does not spare the lives of his soldiers.

Concluding, it should be mentioned that for putting an end to the policy of manipulation of Azerbaijan, for decreasing the number of periodically repeating incidents and sabotage attempts, it is necessary that the international community refuses the "principle of balancing." Otherwise, the holders of that principle, even indirectly, become responsible for each victim on the borders.

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