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Impunity in His Own Country Blinded the Dictator: Aliyev Does Not Perceive the Sense and Meaning of His Own Words: Naira Karapetyan (EXCLUSIVE)

"Armedia" IAA presents an exclusive interview with the Secretary of the United Liberal National Party (MIAK), Member of the National Assembly's 5th Convocation, Naira Karapetyan on the statement of the OSCE MG Co-Chairs and Aliyev's rhetoric.

- Mrs. Karapetyan, after the visit to the region, the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs issued a statement. What important points would you emphasize?

 - I should highlight a few key points in the last statement of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs. First, after the April war of 2016 the necessity of fulfilling, in good faith, the agreements reached in Vienna, St. Petersburg and later in Geneva. This is a tool that will block the aggression of the neighboring state, as any attempt to violate the ceasefire will become more visible, and the international community will get the answer who violates that ceasefire.

The second thing that I would like to mention is linked to the first one and is related to the losses on the contact line. In the same statement, they referred to Geneva agreement twice which put Azerbaijan in a deadlock: it should not hinder the expansion of the opportunities of Kasperchik Office, as well as the introduction of investigative mechanisms, otherwise the country indirectly acknowledges that it violates the ceasefire itself. On the other hand, by introducing these mechanisms, he ties his own hands. Armenia is currently in a very favorable position. What we have stated many times is now confirmed.

And the third important point is the call to refrain from inflammatory statements and provocative actions. In fact, the Co-Chairs are well aware of Azerbaijan's rhetoric. For me, the peculiarity of this statement was that it was completely aimed at restraining Azerbaijan.


- Aliyev's statement on "returning Yerevan" is interpreted by some as part of the pre-election campaign, to which not so much attention should be paid. Do not such comments contribute to the escalation of anti-Armenian rhetoric by Azerbaijan? What is the danger of such a policy?

- Naturally, such statements should not be left without any attention. I really think it is made for more domestic audience, but Ilham Aliyev did not inherit the sense of tact and adequacy from his father. His extreme steps and statements, such as appointing his wife as the country's first vice president or viewing the entire Armenian nation as an enemy, have a profound impact on his international political image.

The statement in which Yerevan is viewed as a "historical Azerbaijani territory" and convinction that one day the Azerbaijanis will "bring it back", I think, is a very good card for us that was unveiled by Aliyev. The response, believe me, is quite appropriate - both in diplomatic, parliamentary and public circles.

The danger is one: the neighbor must be restrained unless it has not poisoned its own people. Aliyev's clan will be gone one day, let it be 10, 20, 30, or 50 years later, but still much effort will be required to clean up and awaken the consciousness of the Azerbaijani society.

The impunity in his own country blinded the dictator. Aliyev does not perceive the sense and meaning of his own words anymore.

- In this case, what should be the steps of the Armenian sides, including directed towards the international community, in order to condemn and restrain Baku's ambitious aspirations?

 - The answer, I think, is very short: just to use all the international platforms and continue to show the world the real image of aggressor and its dictator. United and consistent work always gives its results.

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