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Prior to the 2800th Anniversary of Yerevan the Park Dedicated to 2750th Anniversary of the Capital Will be Renovated

During the weekly working meeting in the City Hall which was conducted by Mayor Taron Margaryan the Departments of Building and Improvement, Nature Protection, Communal Services of the Municipality as well as the head of Kentron administrative district were assigned to renovate the park dedicated to the 2750th anniversary of Yerevan prior to the 2800th anniversary of the capital, official page of Yerevan Municipality reports.

Another instruction was regarding the inventory of monuments, constructions created on the event of the 2750th anniversary which are to be renovated if necessary.

Prior to the 2800th anniversary the Chief Architect, the Designer of Yerevan, the departments of Building and Improvement, Communal Services and the head of Kentron district were also instructed to start painting the roofs of blocks of flats keeping their colour in harmony.

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