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Serzh Sargsyan: Parliamentary System to Enable Faster Economic Development

Armenia's transitioning to a parliamentary system will enable to implement democratic transformations and to develop the country's economy more rapidly. According to Armenpress, 3rd President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, the ruling Republican Party's candidate for Prime Minister, told the Russian Izvestiya news agency in an interview.

"Actually, we are already living in a parliamentary republic for a few days now. Tomorrow Members of Parliament will elect a Prime Minister. Thus, all main organs of administration of the country will be formed. Constitutional changes began in Armenia in 2005. They came into legal force in 2007.

By holding high positions of state administration for many years, including the office of Prime Minister and President, our colleagues and I came to a conclusion that the semi-presidential administration format contains big threats, because it isn't balanced," Serzh Sargsyan said.

Sargsyan stressed that it had turned out that the President had great responsibility in the domestic and foreign policy and security issues, however did not have relevant powers to initiative the obligations under the Constitution.

"A return to a presidential system wouldn't have been positively perceived in our society.  The 2008 presidential elections proceeded not smoothly, didn't they? Almost all political forces were demanding to change the system of administration into a parliamentary [system]. In response to such desires, we decided to balance the political structure of the country, which not stands out with strong legislative power of the parliament, before which the government is held fully accountable to. I believe that this kind of administration type is more in line with Armenian reality and the mentality of our people. This will enable to implement democratic transformations and to develop Armenia's economy with a more rapid pace," Sargsyan said.

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