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Serzh Sargsyan Resigned

Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned. The relevant statement is posted on the official website of the government.

"Nikol Pashinyan was right. I was mistaken. The occurred situation has several solutions, yet I would choose none of them. That is not mine. I leave the post of the head of the country and the Prime Minister," part of the statement read.

Serzh Sargsyan's full statement below:

Dear Compatriots,

I appeal to all citizens of the Republic of Armenia,
the elderly and my beloved young people,
women and men,

I am addressing those who have been standing in the streets night and day with the "No to Serzh" slogan, as well as those who kept getting to work with difficulty and did their office duties without complaint,

I appeal to those who followed live news reports for many days, and those who maintained the public order day and night,

I appeal to our brave soldiers and officers standing at the border, I address to my comrades-in-arms,

I turn to my fellow party friends, all political forces and politicians.

I am addressing you for the last time as the country's leader.

Nikol Pashinyan was right. I was mistaken. There are a number of solutions in the current situation, but I will not resort to any of them. That is not my work style. I am giving up the post of the country's prime minister.

The movement in the streets is against my tenure. I comply with your demand.

I wish peace, harmony and common sense to our country.

Thank you."

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