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President of Artsakh Sent a Congratulatory Address on the International Labor Day

On 1 May Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory address on the International Labor Day.  The address runs as follows: 
"Dear compatriots, 
On behalf of the Artsakh Republic authorities and myself personally I extend my most heartfelt congratulations on May Day, the International Workers' Day. 
The Armenian people have always stood out with their diligence, celebrated and acknowledged the workers and their work with strong confidence that the latter is the mother lode of welfare. 
One of the major challenges facing our state is to provide an environment enabling each and every one to work, meet their own needs, and secure a well-to-do life for their children. 
Creating new employment opportunities, raising the population employment rate, defending the rights of workers will further on remain among the priorities for our authorities, and diverse programs are carried out to address them. 
Dear friends, 
Once again I congratulate all of you on this beautiful May holiday and wish peace, good health and all the best."

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