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PM: All Citizens of Armenia Need to View State Budget as Family Budget

All citizens of Armenia need to view the state budget as a family budget. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan declared during a discussion on the draft of the 2020 State Budget in the National Assembly today.

According to him, Armenia’s state budget is the most powerful and brilliant method of mutual influence between the State and the public, reports.

“If we are guided by the slogan “Armenia is our home, and people are our family”, then the state budget of Armenia is our family’s funds. Every citizen of the Republic of Armenia, starting from officials and ending with buyers and sellers, must treat Armenia’s state budget as a family budget. Yes, the 2020 State Budget is revolutionary, and the economic revolution in Armenia is not only taking place, but is also gaining momentum day after day, and there will be new impetus after January 1, 2020,” Pashinyan declared.

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