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President Sarkissian Meets With Armenian Community Representatives in Qatar

President Armen Sarkissian together with spouse Nouneh Sarkissian met with the representatives of the Armenian community in Doha on the sidelines of his official visit to Qatar, the President’s Office reports.

Welcoming the meeting participants President Sarkissian said Armenia already has its embassy in Qatar which is going to give a new impetus to the bilateral relations. "This is very important and vital. This is important for our inter-state relations because it ensures another, a higher level of relations, and I hope Qatar will also open its embassy in Armenia in the near future", the President said. "Thus, the relations between the two countries will further deepen, strengthen and expand, and I hope each of you will have an opportunity to bring a contribution to our cooperation in all spheres, such as science, culture, art, architecture, construction, business life and policy".

President Sarkissian said Armenia and Qatar have huge opportunities for the development of relations, and Armenia is interested in deepening the mutual partnership. "I had a chance to visit the Qatar Foundation, to meet its founder. This is a wonderful and impressive institution. This small country understands the importance of education, science and culture and looks at the future. In some sense this is a good example of a friendly competitor because in the 21st century we also should bring our contribution not only to the development of our country, but also of the global culture, science and new technologies because this is the future".

Armen Sarkissian said currently any change in the world creates problems for all, but each difficulty is also an opportunity for those nations who have an ability to concentrate, unite and a concrete program to move forward."I think it’s time for us not to divide us between Armenians and Diaspora-Armenians. The geographical position, being far from home doesn’t mean that we all do not belong to that homeland. Yes, you live in this country, and it’s very important for you to be a good citizen of this country, but at the same, do not forget your identity, do not forget who you are, where you come from and where you want to go, where you want to take your kids", the Armenian President stated. "I expect from all of us to jointly invest our potential, energy, experience and knowledge for the success of our country, at the same time by never forgetting about our identity. It’s very important for any newborn child to bear not only the native language, but also the history and culture of our people. The path to where we are going we will pass together, hand in hand because there is no other way to success and victory".

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