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Armenian PM’s Spouse Anna Hakobyan Invites Mehriban Aliyeva to Artsakh

Spouse of the Armenian prime minister Anna Hakobyan invited wife of the Azerbaijani president Mehriban Aliyeva to Artsakh, ''Armenpress'' reports. 

''Few days ago Azerbaijan’s first lady Mehriban Aliyeva said on her Telegram account that they all dream of listening to mugham in Artsakh. I invite Mehriban Aliyeva to Artsakh, and she will be our guest. Our people, the people of Artsakh know how to host, honor a guest, and one of our hospitality rules is to honor the guest with music he/she prefers. We can ensure mugham, we can make her dream come true and listen her beloved music in Karabakh. This is an invitation, and if she accepts this invitation, I am also ready in my turn to be hosted in Baku'', Anna Hakobyan said at the conference on the UN Security Council resolution on Women, Peace and Security.

Anna Hakobyan said this can be a very real form of the implementation of the UN’s N1325 resolution and a very high goal around the world.

''But if Mehriban Aliyeva means that their dream is to come to Artsakh to listen to mugham with war, I assure that in that case this dream will remain unfulfilled'', she added.

The Armenian PM’s wife stated that if Mehriban Aliyeva on behalf of herself and the Azerbaijani people says that she dreams of listening to mugham, the only way to reach that dream is peace, the normal relations with Artsakh and the mutual visits as a guest. She said that different nations of the world managed to overcome wars, hatred over the course of years, and today live in the same economic union, are best friends.

''If this happened to other European nations, why we can’t do that? The Azerbaijani side just needs to show political will, refuse from war because it will reach nothing with it. I want to once again state that this invitation is very serious'', Anna Hakobyan said.


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