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PM’s spouse Anna Hakobyan Organizes Voluntary Basic Military Training for Young Women

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s spouse Anna Hakobyan, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, is organizing voluntary basic military training for women aged 18-27 starting October 1, her spokesperson Hasmik Harutyunyan told ARMENPRESS.

The program is a 45-day basic training at barracks, where participants will spend the days in accordance to soldier’s routine – 6:30 reveille, physical exercise, breakfast, classroom and field exercises and much more.

Applicants will be interviewed, and will then undergo medical evaluation and psychological assessment for eligibility.

A graduation examination will take place at the final phase of the program and the highest scoring participants will have the chance to join the military for contract service.

Anna Hakobyan will personally participate in the training at the initial and final phase.

Applications will be open from October 1-31 at [email protected]


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