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Azerbaijanis Use Social Media to Spread Internal Enmity in the Armenian Society: Armenian Ombudsman

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia Arman Tatoyan has obtained objective evidence how the Azerbaijanis are spreading internal enmity in the Armenian society with the aim of inciting hatred towards their compatriots in Artsakh. As Tatoyan informed on Facebook, the findings were revealed after examining the new evidence on the illegal access by the Azeris of passwords of the social networks of the Armenian captives and the management of those pages.

Tatoyan has shared screenshots of one of the message, which is aimed at inciting political animosity. One of the quotes read: "It is the Turks who are attacking Artsakh and these Karabakh people are attacking Yerevan."

"It is obvious that the manipulation of the artificial Armenian-Artsakh topic, the incitement of hatred on that basis, aims to cause tension in our society, endangering our solidarity and unity," added Tatoyan, calling for vigilence  when using social networks and avoid to get involved in such "discussions", regardless of who does it or in what groups and what kind of issues are manipulated.

The Ombudsman also informed that all the evidence would be sent to the international bodies according to the jurisdiction with the necessary legal formalities.

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