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New Year Through the Eyes of Children

New Year… A fairy-tale-like holiday full of joy and smiles, a holiday which makes everyone shine – both children and adults. This holiday, however, has a special meaning for children: it is the time, when the Santa Claus comes from far Lapland and brings them different presents. Heart beats, impatient looks, bright eyes and wide smiles – this is how children welcome New Year.

To listen right from children why they like New Year and what it means to them, "Armedia" IAA made a small excursion in the clear and sunny world of children. Santa Claus, gifts, a lot of fun, Christmas tree and snow - these are those words that you can hear from children, when they speak about New Year. However, each of them have their unique visions on New Year.

"New Year is joy, smiles and a real life for me," 9-year-old Varduhi said, while for 4-year-old Levon the spirit of New Year comes from the snowflakes. "When the first snow comes, I start counting how many days  till New Year are left. I love New Year, as there is lots of joy, different ceremonies, dances and songs. I love decorating Christmas tree with my mother, father and sister," Levon said with great enthusiasm. Little David, in his turn added that he loves New Year, especially when it snows and he plays snowballs with friends and they together make a snowman. "I always wait for New Year with impatience, I wait for Santa Claus to come and bring presents, but it is not every year that I am able to see him, as he puts the gifts under the Christmas tree and leaves," Davit said.


The most impressive part of New Year for Evita is when with the whole family they are waiting for 12 a.m. "When it strikes 12, all of us shout "uraaa" and start congratulating each other, then we dream of something and that dreams come true. I also like, when I am allowed to sleep late that day and I play with my new toys." For 8-year-old Evita and Karina, New Year is also being associated with preparing colorful, nice and tasty dishes and cakes with the whole family, when they also have their share in that and help their mothers. "There is lots of joy and happiness in New Year. I like it very much when we visit our relatives and in all their homes it is happy," 11-year-old Susanna said.

These wishes and visions on New Year, that from the first sight may seem simple and plain, reveal the inner world of the children – pure, carefree and warm. When talking with children one wants to a least for a while go to their small and warm world, once again feel, how wonderful it was, when your New Year wishes were limited to asking for presents and lots of sweets from Santa Claus.

Let this year all children be happy, carefree and surrounded with family warmth. Let 2016 be fairy-tale-like and full of surprises for them.


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