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France Attaches Importance to Armenia's EAEU Membership

During the visit of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan to Paris, a wide range of issues were discussed, among which, however, the issue of attracting investments and the achievement of new economic agreements may be highlighted. In this context, several prominent statements were made that relate to Armenia’s membership in the EAEU and cooperation with the EU.

In particular, the issues voiced during the visit clearly showed that our French partners are fully aware of the effectiveness and profitability of the "and-and" policy adopted by Armenia, towards the European Union first, and, in particular, for France. In his speech, Francois Hollande emphasized the importance of Armenia's good economic relations with Russia, the EAEU and Iran, in order to show Armenia's economic attractiveness for investments. On the one hand, he noted that after Armenia's decision to join the EAEU, France, as a friendly country, made great efforts to prevent the RA-EU relations from being questioned.

On the other hand, the President of Armenia, in turn, confirmed Armenia's readiness to contribute to the cooperation between the EAEU and the EU.

Such a quality of dialogue shows that the European side objectively assesses not only the existing situation and the internal significance of Armenia's "and-and" policy, but also its regional importance and tries to get its benefits out of it.

This perception was not formed immediately. A particular role in this have played individual EU member states, and first of all France, which, within the European Union, made efforts both to support Armenian colleagues and to develop this perception.

And this once again shows that the success and progress of the RA-EU relations equally depend both on the quality of the dialogue and cooperation with the main pan-European structures, and on relations with individual EU member states. In this sense, France is a friendly country that has special significance for us, a country that always provides support to Armenia in all international organizations.

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