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Turkey Continues Its Hostile Politics With Neighbors: Greta Avetisyan

Turkey continues its hostile stance with its neighbors. The recent statement made by the Turkish Foreign Minister regarding the Armenian-Turkish protocols proves this. This was declared by Greta Avetisyan, editor-in-chief of "Armedia" Information, Analytical Agency at the press conference entitled "Regional developments in 2017" at "Novosti-Armenia" press center.

"Turkey distorts reality and facts. Still in 2009, when Turkey failed the Zurich process, the international community, as well as a number of countries came up with statements criticizing Turkey's preconditions and the fact that it overthrew the process," Avetisyan said.

She also added that the Armenian-Turkish protocols were a tool to pursue an imitation policy for the Turkish authorities, and that's why the President of Armenia at the United Nations GA stated that if Turkey does not ratify those protocols until April 2018, Armenia will announce them null and void.

"Armenia cannot allow Turkey to take the protocols hostage and use them only for its own interests," Greta Avetisyan said.

Continuing to speak of Turkey's hostile policy towards Armenians, she recalled the new inner rules adopted by the Turkish parliament according to which the use of the words Armenian genocide and Kurdistan by the MPs is forbidden.

The speaker also mentioned that hostile politics is being carried out against Kurds both in the country and abroad, especially in Syria.

"The fight against the Kurds is being carried out in the context of strengthening Erdogan's power. In order to create "sultanate", Erdogan made constitutional changed in April, after which he began active actions to strengthen that "sultanate", arresting and prosecuting thousands of people," Greta Avetisyan said.



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