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The Head of the General Staff of Armenia: The Commander Who Hurried to Help His Soldier Was Also Wounded

The commander who hurried to help his mortally wounded soldier was also wounded by a sniper, as Sputnik Armenia reports, the head of the General Staff of Armenia Movses Hakobyan told journalists on Monday.

Earlier, the press service of the Karabakh Defense Army reported that on January 7, military serviceman Vache Chilingaryan, born in 1998, died from enemy fire.

"We had a loss in the front line as a result of the shot of the enemy sniper, at the moment I can say that he did not commit any violations. His commander rushed to the rescue him and was wounded. The machine of the operational group that went to the place of the incident also fell under fire, one person lightly wounded," Hakobyan said.

According to him, the injuries of the two servicemen do not pose any danger.

The circumstances of the death of a serviceman, according to Hakobyan, are being clarified.

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