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''The Olive Branch'': Ankara Will Not Reconsider its Policy against the Kurds due to International Community's Concerns

Bulent Kilic / AFP

Turkey's leadership should review its intervention in Syria, declared Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Hasemi, adding that "the consultations between Iran, Russia and Turkey on Syria are continuing."

Due to the developments in Afrin, many Italian political figures have opposed Erdoğan's visit today. The leader of the Left Party of Italy, Nicola Fratognani, urged the authorities of the country ''not to support the bloody and violent regime".

However, it should be noted that Ankara is not in a hurry to reconsider its policy against the Kurds due to international community's concerns.

Thus, in recent days, the Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed concern over the actions in Afrin, calling on the sides to calm down.

UN Secretary-General's spokesman in turn expressed concern over the threat to the peaceful civilian population by the Turkish Armed Forces as a result of their military operation in Afrin. "The UN urges the parties to respect the peaceful population, to provide them with the necessary humanitarian assistance and to respect their right to free movement," the UN Secretary General's spokesman added.

French President Emmanuel Macron stated that the operation of the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria against Kurdish militants should not be an excuse for occupying the lands of Syria. The French President urged Turkey to coordinate all steps in the north of Syria with NATO allies.

Ankara's attitude to the concerns of the international community is expressed in the response of Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu to Macron. "France or any other country cannot teach us lessons related to Afrin. These Europeans say you are right, and they make another statement from your back," Cavusoglu said.

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