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Sharp Fluctuations of the Bitcoin Exchange Rate are Conditioned by Market Regulation Efforts

In 2018, the bitcoin crypto-currency’s decline began. It is just the third month of the year, but the cost of the bitcoin has already dropped several times.

The crypto-market itself is quite interesting, given the peculiarities of the virtual currency and, in particular, the fact that no institution controls it. Acting exclusively by the p2p pipe (scheme or the format of cooperation in which individuals are engaged in the purchase or sale of a product or service), the bitcoin is exposed to a rather high risk of transaction. Hence, that’s the reason for the sharp fluctuations in the crypto-exchange rate, including its growth.

If we look at the causes of the year's downturns, they are mostly the negative news on the virtual currency market, such as restrictions imposed on the market players by the Central Bank of this or that country. For example, the main reason for the decline in the past week was the establishment of barriers to trade in bitcoin by bank cards by a number of CBA banks. This means that the absolute lack of control over this type of currency, which is quite attractive for speculation, is still endangered.

All this ultimately leads to the regulation of the Crypto currency, as, given its growing popularity, international financial institutions cannot leave the market in an unsettled domain. The process is naturally long lasting, since there are no clear mechanisms yet. So in the near future, the fluctuations in the exchange rate are inevitable.

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