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Sumgait Pogroms: Emotion is the Best Driving Force, but Not the Best Adviser

Not only political figures, experts, civil society representatives, but also eyewitnesses and survivors of Sumgait massacres delivered speeches during the hearings on the Sumgait massacres of 1988 in the RA National Assembly on February 22.

Each of the speakers in their turn asserted that it is necessary to periodically voice about the Sumgait pogroms and the policy of Azerbaijan in different international institutions, making the issue clear to them, as the timely assessment is the best way to prevent future genocidal opportunities in the world.

Nora Arustamyan, a member of the ''Tsarukyan'' Bloc, has appealed to international organizations, human rights organizations and parliamentary assemblies so that they learn the truth about the Sumgait pogroms and condemn the crimes committed by Azerbaijan against the peaceful population that threaten the security of the entire region.

The leader of the Democratic Party of Armenia, Aram Sargsyan, in particular stressed that the NKR was formed legally and this legitimacy obligates us to defend its compliance with all the principles of international law. Sargsyan urged to periodically voice not only about the Sumgait pogroms, but also about the fact that Turkey annexes Nakhijevan, the Treaty of Kars is being violated. Republican MP Margarit Yesayan said in her speech that there is no need to tell each other once again that several genocides against Armenians have been committed, but they should rather be demonstrated to the world. According to her, there is a need to be more demanding and persistent, so that when Erdogan or Aliyev makes this or that statement, the international community reacts them properly.

MP from the ''Tsarukyan'' Bloc Sergey Bagratyan spoke about the recent statement by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on ''seizing Yerevan''. In his words, this is an absolute aggression that is condemned by UN conventions and other international documents. He noted that when the danger threatens our statehood, the authorities and the opposition should act together. Sergey Bagratyan finished his speech citing th words by Martin Luther King: "The injustice at any place is a threat to justice everywhere".

Larisa Alaverdyan, the President of the Foundation ''Against Law Violation'', specifically pointed out that there were not two separate genocides, but rather the genocide committed by Turkey was just continued by Azerbaijan. According to her, it is not accidental that the famous scientist Yuri Barseghov called Azerbaijan Turkey's clone for the continuation of the genocide. 

Armen Ashotyan, the Chairman of the RA NA Standing Committee on Foreign Relations, summarized the hearings on Sumgait pogroms with the following words: "History, pain, wrath, pathos," adding that we lack one thing: the action, and this action cannot be an emotional one. According to him, it should be within the framework of strategic development. Armen Ashotyan also expressed an opinion that in connection with this issue we do not have a strategic approach yet, and not only the MFA is responsible for this issue, but also the parliament and the society should strengthen their role on the issue. He added that emotion is,of course, the best driving force, but not the best adviser.

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