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Turkey Elections 2018: Erdogan Declared Winner


Recep Tayyip Erdogan has addressed thousands of supporters in Ankara after being declared the victor in Turkey’s presidential election, saying democracy was the winner and that Turkey was “an example for the rest of the world”, The Guardian reports.

“We have received the message that has been given to us in the ballot boxes,” he said, speaking from the balcony of the AK party’s headquarters in Ankara, to a large crowd of cheering and flag-waving supporters. “We will fight even more with the strength you provided us with this election.”

He began by apologising for being late to the balcony speech, saying this was due to the fact that a small child was injured in the crowd in Istanbul, where he had been speaking before, and he went to speak to the child’s family.

Erdogan spoke of his commitment to “fight terroristic organisations”, “to continue the fight to make the Syrian grounds freer” and to increase the “international prestige” of Turkey, saying: “Turkey has no moment to waste, we know that.”

“Our flag will flutter more freely, the peace of every citizen will be advanced,” he said, before leading the crowd in a chant of “One nation, one flag, one country, one state.”

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