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Happy New Year, Dear "Armedia" IAA Readers!

New Year 2019 has arrived. A time of fulfillment of the most incredible desires has come.

And today, when the candles are lit in the windows of Armenian houses, we wish all our readers, all Armenian families, all people on the planet kindness, peace, light!

For Armenia, which celebrates the New Year for many centuries, traditional wishes are still of current interest. Of course, it's good to be wealthy, but ... in case of choosing between money and peace, we will choose the latter, because we know the true value of peace.

Therefore, we wish a year without war, a year of stability, a year of progress and development. May the 2019 bring a miracle of peace and harmony. Let there be health and prosperity! And let the year be full of wonderful surprises!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

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