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Davit Babayan Introduced Details of Joint National Security Council (Exclusive)


Co-chaired by Armenia’s prime minister Nikol Pashinyan and NKR president Bako Sahakyan the joint security session of Armenia and NKR took place in Stepanakert, on 12 March. The key issue on the agenda was joint assessment of the current state of Artsakh conflict in peaceful settlement process and outlining systematic actions.

Armedia” IAA  talked to Davit Babayan, NKR president press secretary.

- Mr Babayan, can you please elaborate on what was discussed at the joint security council session.

- It should be noted that the security council session of the two Armenian republics in this format was unprecedented and can be considered a significant event. Hopefully the tradition will go on and in the future a session might be held in Yerevan. I think the culture of joint sessions is interesting and effective.

As to the topics discussed, they include a wide range of issues. The session lasted 8-9 hours. Partnership issues between the two Armenian republics in various spheres, security related, socio-economic issues from strategic programs to foreign policy were discussed. Naturally the peaceful regulation of Karabakh conflict was discussed.

RA prime minister Nikol Pashinyan’s statement came to reaffirm that official Yerevan will pursue Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict resolution in the margins of the OSCE MG, something that official Stepanakert has always emphasized. This serves as a landmark for us. Once again official Yerevan asserted their readiness for restoration of the full format. This is also important from the point of view that peaceful regulation is impossible without Artsakh participation.

Another important aspect is that the security and status being imperatives were stressed. On the whole the issues underlying our statehood were dealt with.

The OSCE Minsk Group recent statement was also touched upon. But one should focus not on statements but on key issues. This statement is not the first and not the last in a row. Regardless of everything we must always act in a unity. This is what matters.

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