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Which Country is to Follow the Footsteps of Germany to Ratify Armenia-EU Agreement?

Germany became the 11th EU member state to ratify the Armenia-EU agreement. Sweden is expected to be the next in the near future.

Given Germany’s role in the EU ratification on its part can be an important signal for other EU member states and speed up the ratification process.

In this light France’s “slowness” in ratification gives raise to concerns. Naturally the speed of ratification depends on the EU member states’ domestic agenda and procedures. However, the issue of the Armenian authorities should be to push the process ahead to the domestic agenda of the EU states be it through personal, partisan or state ties. In case of France it is more than pressing.

Bilateral relationships should be emphasized in order for the friendly EU member states make direct or indirect “lobbying” among other EU states after their speedy ratification.

In the future the same principle could be applied for Armenia-EU visa liberalization issue. If, given the friendly ties with Armenia, Germany and France agree on the start of visa liberalization dialogue, it will considerably ease agreements process with other countries.

To recap, Armenia-EU agreement speedy ratification is crucial in the light of Armenia-EU relationship development. However, it requires consistent efforts.

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