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Garo Paylan Calls on the Turkish Parliament to Hold Parliamentary Discussion on Armenian Genocide

Ethnic Armenian lawmaker of the Turkish parliament Garo Paylan has called on the parliament of Turkey to hold a parliamentary discussion on the Armenian Genocide, ''Armenpress'' reports. 

''On April 24, 1915, political scientists, writers, poets, journalists, teachers, scientists and many other Armenian intellectuals have been arrested in Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire. They have also been deported to Ayash and Changhir, but later most of them have been killed.

Although the losses of 1915 cannot be returned, but from the view of living together, accepting the pains created inside the memory of the society and working on improving one another are valuable. The Parliament should restore the rights and keep the memory of those intellectuals who were working for the lighting of the Ottoman and Armenian peoples, were developing the educational institutions, were writing, producing, thinking, who, however, have been killed on this land...

For already 104 years Armenians worldwide are demanding a restoration of justice. Justice can be restored only within the conscience of the Turkish people and inside the Turkish parliament. The parliament, that should discuss the disaster that happened to the Armenian people, first of all must be the parliament of Turkey. And we urge to hold a parliamentary discussion on this matter".

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